Six is witness to the pure joy of hip-hop as a genre, nodding in the direction to Dilla’s soulful warmth, off centre beats and eccentric production yet combining this with the electronic moods and glitched detail that recalls Prefuse 73 and the recent bouncy post-dubstep output of Hyperdub. Its brevity is its virtue: snappy, catchy and riotously inventive, the panic of Floss Hates Prime Numbers opening into the reflective spaces of Farewell To Floss while the heady party of Floss Is Full Of Surprises swaggers on.

For fans of Dilla, Madlib, Prefuse 73, Zomby, Rustie and aqua-crunk, short attention spans.

Track List

  • 1. Floss Suffers From Gamma Radiation (1.48)
  • 2. Four, Floss, Five, Six (2.31)
  • 3. Floss Is Full of Surprises (2.45)
  • 4. Floss Hates Prime Numbers (1.14)
  • 5. Farewell to Floss (2.00)
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