A thumb to the eyes, followed by a kick to the groin: all low blows and dirty fighting, The Night Of Long Knives is a perilous dash between relentlessly skittering breaks and hammering gabba bass.

Alligator Fuckhouse does what it says on the tin, a waking nightmare of thuds, circuit bending and endless cymbal crashes. In Last One… ragged string loops and shredded amens fight through dense thickets of bleeps and future noise. Speak For Yourself Moron witnesses a hardcore shout off over a intensely puerile melody before the duo choke the life out of bank of effects units…a throughly worthy punch to the lug holes.

Track List

  • 1. This Is Sodium (1.56)
  • 2. Alligator Fuckhouse (2.50)
  • 3. Scarlet Fever (2.02)
  • 4. Last One In Is A Yearbook Editor (1.20)
  • 5. Speak For Yourself, Moron (3.22)
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