The Other Side of Fabulous Florida is precisely The Other Side Of Fabulous Florida, compared to it’s insane siamese twin.

It opens with a pure and unapologetic pop song, that could have been lifted straight from Clouddead’s Ten. Fragile X lets David Lynch’s walking bass talk to John Zorn, while Furballs skips through the local Toys ‘r’ Us. Pancakes and Waffles comes over all vintage AFX: a robot talks about love while analogue synths drift over the intricate drums, all belied by a demented electronic woofing. Return of The 100mph Dog rides a dark dada carousel into the night of broken toys and wide-eyed oddness. Wrapped up in ten minutes, it exudes confidence and an ear for an ear-worm of a tune.

Track List

  • 1. Halfords Makes A Nice Holiday Destination (3.04)
  • 2. Fragile X (1.38)
  • 3. Furballs & Stomach Acid (2.38)
  • 4. Pancakes Or Waffles (1.34)
  • 5. Return Of The 100mph Dog (1.54)
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