We Show Up On RadaR

We Show Up RadaR don’t really show up on radar. Unless your radar is tuned to odd or maybe surreal.

Despite this factual oversight, WSUOR deserve your undivided attention. They consist of Andy (songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, producer) and Pete (live button pusher).

But what of their music?

Well, as an artist there are two ways of dealing with the daily grind.

1. You can be Hard-Fi.

2. You can be We Show Up On RadaR and turn shit jobs, shit relationships, shit pubs and the generally shitiness of this shit world into glorious metaphors involving sporting woodland animals, the sun, tweeting birds and small Japanese cars- in the process transporting us all to a magical cabin where danger lurks outside but you’re all cosy and warm with your best friends and some good ale.

Thankfully for us all, We Show Up On RadaR chose the second option.

We Show Up On RadaR are now being released by our friends at Hello Thor Records.

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