15 January 2008


Posted by Dave at 12:00 am

Christening the good ship.Well well. The moment is finally upon us. The Queen’s cracked a bottle over our bow and we’ve been slung down the slipway into the murky waters of existence.

Which is a metaphoric way of saying hello, we’ve arrived. And if we may allow ourselves a moment of immodesty, we believe we’ve done so in rather spectacular fashion: no fewer than 10 (count ’em) albums/EPs are available for free download from today. In total that’s 109 tracks in total and many hours of happy listening.

Many of the releases will shortly be available in physical form (two are already) and it is our intention to produce limited edition vinyls and CD-Rs in the future.

To find out more about what we’re doing and why, please read our manifesto.

We’d like to take the opportunity to thank all those who made this possible. Tom Jackson for his designs and patience. Eric Lee for helping with some PHP that had us scratching our heads. Tamsin Worrad for tea and data entry. WordPress. And our brilliant artists, of course.

We welcome comments, suggestions, debates and compliments.

Thanks for your time and merry downloading to you.

Love from all @ ROR.