9 May 2009

World, prepare thyself: All The Empires of the World Imminent!

Posted by Dave at 10:06 am

Pop-pickers rejoice! Another new record is announced. And a new act for us too! This’ll be out before you can say Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch.

Because we don’t really deal in proper release dates or owt we’re not sure quite when it’ll be out: but it won’t be more than a week or so.

All The Empires of the World- Last Rites EP
Prepare to be bludgeoned to delirium! Two tracks of ecstatic doom from Nottingham’s finest, which operate on that strange threshold between ambient music and Very Loud Metal Music. Yet where others of the genre deal in darkness and death, AtEotW blast you with light and ask you to wallow in glory. A top release.

8 May 2009

To Leave A Mark

Posted by Alex at 4:39 pm

We are pleased to announce the forthcoming release of the second album form Les Étoiles entitled To Leave A Mark.

To Leave A Mark

Like it’s predecesor, To Leave A Mark is an album of hesitation and sadness, memory and realisation, fear and acceptance, comfort and sorrow, all expressed with great beauty, simplicity and grace – an organ, a simple drum machine, a guitar, a hushed vocal, a moment of silence, a distant radio playing. To Leave A Mark was recorded by Les Étoiles during a period of stay in his home town and is a tribute to the places found there, many of which provided direct inspiration for the music.

The album will be available for free download and as an exclusive and gorgeously detailed limited edition boxed set. The boxed set will include the album itself as well a lyric sheets, photographs, maps, postcards and mysterious objects. Each boxed set will be individual and handmade by Les Étoiles himself. Pre-orders are now open.

This record will be the first release from Les Étoiles this year. The second as yet untitled record will feature unheard compositions by Les Étoiles finished in collaboration with Records On Ribs artists EL Heath and Talk Less, Say More as well as others. A project that is very exciting indeed.

Stand by for further updates and details of three forthcoming releases from Records On Ribs.

15 April 2009


Posted by Dave at 12:18 pm

Goodness me.

We knew Sweet Potato’s Mash was a good album, but we’ve been overwhelmed by the response its had since we released it last week. We’ve had 400 downloads on all formats already, making it our fastest downloaded release thus far. An appearance on a popular Hungarian mp3 blog has done no harm, but we’re genuinely delighted at the response its had so far.

In other news, we will shortly be uploading an ‘online video exhibition’ of EL Heath’s. Entitled ‘Obsolete’, the exhibition- currently showing at The Hive in Shrewsbury- comprises 8 short films shot on 8mm tape and edited using archaic editing software. They’re soundtracked by EL Heath’s music- including some currently unreleased tracks. Though simple, they’re profoundly affecting and open up a whole new dimension to Heath’s work. As an added bonus we’ll upload the haunting video Heath’s made for epic45’s track ‘In All The Empty Houses’.

7 April 2009

Mash Up

Posted by Dave at 12:22 pm

A good day for Badger, and a good day for fans of avant jazz-rock brilliance. For Sweet Potato’s Mash is finally upon us! And goodness knows it’s been worth the wait. A rollocking ride- like Faith No More hopping into a time machine and emerging in Canterbury circa 1971 (stopping off in Twin Peaks along the way)- it’s available now for download or to buy (as a carbon neutral jewel cased CD with 8 page colour artwork) for a mere £5. It’s a co-release with the good people at Foetal Orange and an album we’re extremely proud to be putting out.

It is also the first release we have put out on Bittorrent as MP3, FLAC and Ogg Vorbis. If you are into such things, give the links a click and download this way – the more that do, the faster it becomes for everyone to do so, provided you keep seeding. Fire up those torrent clients immediately!

And we’re pleased to confirm three more forthcoming releases too…

The Exploits of Elaine: 2003-2005
In their current incarnation, The Exploits of Elaine are an improvising collective making music that sounds a little like This Heat playing folk music from the planet Saturn. But prior to that, they made bloody awesome post-rock music. Their songs were direct, emotionally powerful and contained more ideas than most bands in that genre have across a whole career. This is a compilation containing tracks from their untitled 2003 EP and some unreleased material from 2005, including the mighty Laputa, which replace that bloody Sigur Ros song on every single nature/sports programme trailer.

Talk Less, Say More – ‘It’s About Time’
A companion album to the mighty “It’s About Time” EP released on RoR. Tolstoy, Greek tragedy and theories of the life, the universe and everything delivered in devastating rhymes with slickly impressive production and a knowing nod in the direction of pop.

Les Etoiles – To Leave A Mark
Another fine album of haunting confessionals. The sparse beauty and devastating lyrical ability of ‘Never to Alight’ remains, but Mr Fitzpatrick has added lusher, richer instrumentation this time around. Another one for lonely nights.

14 February 2009


Posted by Dave at 2:38 pm

Hello there,

Very soon!

Very soon!

We’ve just taken delivery of our first professionally made release: Sweet Potato’s very very excellent album ‘Mash’. We’re doing it as a joint release with the lovely folks at Foetal Orange (run by Dom and Jack of Sweet Potato and Strap the Button) and expect it to be out within a week or two. The CDs have a four page liner booklet and are fully carbon neutral.

It’s an extraordinary record- quite unlike anything else we’ve heard. It’s somewhere between Ornette Coleman, Faith No More, Gentle Giant and post-Wyatt Soft Machine. Operatic vocals, free jazz wigouts, stonking riffs and curveballs aplenty.

16 September 2008

Much Lovve for Records on Ribs

Posted by Dave at 2:12 pm

Hi all. An exciting month here at Records on Ribs towers. Scroll down to be filled with  joyous news some good news and some now less good news (starting with the latter).

No Lovve

That news that was here before, it might not happen. You can probably guess why if you read what it was.

Radio, Live Transmission

We were very humbled to be designated ‘Website of the Week’ on BBC 6Music’s Tom Robinson show on Saturday. Some lovely things were said about this here label and Talk Less, Say More’s Song About a Dream About a Phonecall from ‘Go Lucky’ was flung out across the airwaves (and down fibre-optics) to listeners across the globe. To listen to the show, click here. We’re mentioned about 1hr20 in, but listen to the whole thing: it’s worth it.

We’ve also been picked up by the good people (and believe us, they really are good people) over at indiestreetradio. Many of our releases are featured- along with much other fine music- on this podcast and this podcast.

Last & Least

Some little titbits of tantalisation for your perusal and consideration. Firstly, we point you in the direction of re:press– a fine group of people who’re releasing some top notch philosophy/critical theory/fiction/poetry for free under Creative Commons via the internet (with the request that you ask your local library to stock them, or buy one yourself if you have the cash) – including works by philosopher de rigeur – Alain Badiou. And lastly, we leave you with the news that new releases from Talk Less, Say More and El Heath are in the pipeline of hope and we should have something from The Exploits of Elaine- those psychedelic dwellers of the folky subconscious- around the new year.


4 August 2008

Go Lucky Is Out!

Posted by Alex at 12:00 am

Talk Less, Say More’s brilliant Go Lucky is now avaliable for free download and the above wonderfully designed and entirely four dimensional CDs for a small fee.

Enjoy this dazzling record, filled with introspection and innovation. Stay tuned to this site for exciting release news and the debut of our logo – coming, no doubt, to a T-shirt very near you soon!

28 July 2008

Elapse-O Unleashed!

Posted by Alex at 1:00 am

The debut EP by the wonderful Elapse-O is now live and ready for free download. You can also purchase a CD version.

25 July 2008

New Talk Less, Say More Release In The Tubes

Posted by Alex at 11:08 am

Not content with bringing you the debut from the acclaimed Elapse-O we present to you a gorgeous new slice of electro-pop melancholia from Talk Less, Say More.

Talk Less, Say More – Go Lucky

We’re letting this loose on the 4th of August. It’s a fantastic record, that forgets the perfect offerings and acknowledges the cracks in everything and sets these insights in avant pop gems filled with snapping drums and clever production. About seven tracks in on first listen Dave exclaimed “bloody hell, this is brilliant”. It is.

We’ve got a Facebook event for the release date, if you are into such things.

1. The Battle of Borodino (3.33)
2. Up Close, Far Away (4.01)
3. Sensations Spring (3.05)
4. See You In The Morning (3.07)
5. A Song About a Dream About a Phonecall (2.19)
6. Roots Alive (3.27)
7. All Dressed Up Like Love (4.44)
8. Someone Else’s Summer (2.58)
9. Unfledged (1.12)
10. Pillowtalk (5.12)
11. Life in Cold Blood (4.16)

Total Running time: 37.54


Press information is readily avaliable, please e-mail press@recordsonribs.com.

13 July 2008

Elapse-O Out Soon – 28th July

Posted by Dave at 2:17 pm

Sorry it’s been so long. We’ll keep this one brief:

Elapse-O Debut EP Out Soon


Released 28th July. It’ll be free for your downloading pleasure and avaliable for a reasonable price in an absolutely stunning CD-R package. Any past posts giving a different date will be modified by our crack team of Stalinist history revisers.

1. Sonny Liston (6.32)
2. Golden Ships (5.12)
3. Island (5.51)
4. Mars (2.55)

Total Running Time: 20.28

Press Kit

Are you a blogger who writes about music? Do you work for a music magazine or newspaper? Then we have press details for this release. For further information or to recieve a review copy please e-mail press@recordsonribs.com and we’ll get right back to you.

See you all on Monday (after next)!

We have a Facebook event for this release.