21 February 2008

Winter Soundtrack Released

Posted by Dave at 7:57 pm

We won’t detain you long, but today sees the release of EL Heath’s Winter Soundtrack- a truly truly remarkable album. Here’s what its maker has to say of it:

 “The album was made in my freezing cold studio on a shit old computer and a lot of red wine. It’s about how whenever I went outside the cut-off point of the day seemed to be 4pm, like I’d be in town then suddenly it was dark and I lost all my energy. I would have plans in the evening and not do anything because of this lack of energy. It’s also about how all the colours in the scenery are simply hidden by the quality of light we get in the winter. It’s not that it is not beautiful, but the colours are hidden by this quality of light and, well, generally the lack of such light.”

Listen or download for free from here.