Blessings is the first full length release from All The Empires of the World. It’s an album of immense magnitude; seven bombastic paens to the affect of all things grand. It revels in that glorious sense of liberty which comes when you realise your pathetic inconsequence in the grand scheme of things- the terror and awe we feel in the face of the sublime.

Where so many albums of this type get bogged down repeating tired tropes, Blessings retains its power throughout. Melodies are bold and memorable whilst dynamics go far beyond the cliches of quiet/loud, with a subtly inventive handling of crescendos and intelligent deployment of that sadly underused technique in so much rock music: silence. There are surprises aplenty too- [I Perceive Your Resonance] is a genuinely poignant song and features desperate, imploring vocals from guitarist Mark Thomas, whilst Asleep at the Temple proves ATEOTW can up the tempo with an astonishing blitzkrieg of black metal drumming. Closer The Prophet Part II, meanwhile, revolves around an almost folky melody which seems to float by on the winds.

See also: Manatees, Slowdive, Pelican, Explosions in the Sky, Jesu, Cult of Luna, Red Sparowes.

Track List

  • 1. Sands Of Saturn (9.50)
  • 2. Ghosts Of The Sargasso/Of The Father (9.38)
  • 3. [I Perceive Your Resonance] (5.25)
  • 4. Asleep At The Temple (8.25)
  • 5. Titan Of Light (8.29)
  • 6. The Prophet Part I (5.37)
  • 7. The Prophet Part II (5.08)
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