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Talk Less Say More


An urgent, visionary record which lays down a marker for how daring pop can sound in 2014. Ten discombobulatingly anthemic songs laced with an exuberant lyrical and sonic wit as well as flashes of darkness – moments of disquieting melancholy built on hazy recollection of times past.

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Blue Ducks

Loose, swaggering, electronica-inflected post-Dilla hip-hop straight from the MPC of a talented young man. Brimming with ideas and destined to the direction of knowing head nods globally.

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Records On Ribs and EMI – The Future Of Music

Posted by Alex on 1 April 2014

Obviously this is an April Fool

We at Records On Ribs are very proud to announce that we have been acquired by  Universal Music Group with the intention of rebooting EMI Music as platform for the global distribution of Creative Commons music assets.

Starting today Records On Ribs will be …

A Violent Winter

Posted by Dave on 25 February 2014

Records on Ribs is just over 6 years old now. Our latest release – Talk Less Say More’s Violent is flying off the shelves. Cerebal Rift gave it a whopping 9/10 with praise for its songcraft, its production and – well – lots more besides.

And now you …