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Five tracks of crackling electronics and insistent beats. From the rhythms of dancehall to the Berlin wasteland, from post-punk urgency to black metal intensity to moments of oblique beauty.

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Shamanic, swirling minimalist prog rock from Chicago, soundtracking a Herzog film never seen, but only dreamt.

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New Records From Surfacing And All The Empires Of The World

Posted by Alex on 4 August 2014

Here at Records On Ribs we are very excited to announce three upcoming records.

The first is the debut full length from Nottingham based Surfacing. Eponymously titled, this is an intriguing, experimental record melding together everything from black metal to folk to Hessle Audio style minimalist post-dubstep dance. It …

Records On Ribs and EMI – The Future Of Music

Posted by Alex on 1 April 2014

Obviously this is an April Fool

We at Records On Ribs are very proud to announce that we have been acquired by  Universal Music Group with the intention of rebooting EMI Music as platform for the global distribution of Creative Commons music assets.

Starting today Records On Ribs will be …