Cookies are small pieces of text that are placed on your computer by most websites you visit. They contain brief bits of information that are sent back to the site by your web browser when you next visit. They enable site functionality in various ways. For example, when you log into a websites, then the fact you are logged in is stored in a cookie so you don’t need to login in again for a while. Or, if you save a preference on a website, then a cookie will be stored on your computer so the website ‘remembers’ this preference. You can find more details on the About Cookies webpage.

Here at Records On Ribs we use cookies very little throughout the site. By browsing the site we assume it is cool for us to set them. However, if you’d prefer not, then their are details below on how to turn them off.

Cookies We Set

  • Mint – Mint allows us to see which pages of the site and, for example, see which artists and which releases are the most popular. Like Google Analytics below, it’s basically a glorified way of counting visitors. It also lets us see what websites are linking to us (so we can pick up reviews mostly) and roughly where people are located. This data is fully anonymous and we can never identify individual users or patterns of use through this information.
  • RibcageRibcage is the WordPress plugin that runs our site. It sets one cookie that tells it not to bother with asking the visitor to the site for a donation again if they have already dismissed it for a while. Only fair, right?

Third Party Cookies

A few of the things we use to make the site set cookies.

  • Google Analytics – the popular service run by Google provides us with analysis of how users of the site use it. We use it we can basically judge how much Records On Ribs is used and so we can analyse what this means and improve the site. This data is entirely anonymous – Google have comprehensive information on how they use Cookies.
  • Share This – this allows you to share our content on popular scholar networks like Facebook and Twitter. Share This works out if you are logged into their service or not, as you can hook it up to lots of social networks so you can instantly share our pages, music and downloads.

Turning Off Cookies

If you decide to turn off cookies from Records On Ribs, the About Cookies website contains all the information you need to block and manage cookies. If you are on mobile device you may have to consult the manual of the device for instructions.