Les Étoiles

Les Étoiles began in 2008 as the solo project of Shropshire-born songwriter David Fitzpatrick. His work is a master class in the minimalism that bands such as Low and late Talk Talk perfected: sparse, intimate, moving and utterly genuine.

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Your Roots, Your Bones

Your Roots, Your Bones

A work of breathtaking sonic minimalism, beauty and honesty. These four tracks condense and deepen Les Étoiles’ concerns to date: memory, loss, homecoming and the lifting of sadness. Listen as the nights close in.

Little MeasurementsAvailable for Purchase

Little Measurements

Formed partly through collaboration across our roster, Little Measurements is a collection of brief encounters, which hinge on the slightest details and gestures: a written note, a fleeting facial expression, a movement of eyelashes. Intimate, evocative and beautiful, this is a moving work, full of echoes, spaces and haunted memory – as sad as it is hopeful.

To Leave A MarkAvailable for Purchase

To Leave A Mark

The second record from Les Étoiles, To Leave A Mark’s detailed, beautiful songs pay tribute to his home town of Bridgnorth, its beauties and tragedies, it as a container of memory, people, times, love and loss. Carefully produced by Tim Wright, it is a sparse, subtle and gorgeous piece of music.

Never To AlightAvailable for Purchase

Never To Alight

Spare, intimate and disarmingly honest singer-songwriting in the vein of late Talk Talk, David Thomas Broughton or Will Oldham. A record of old letters, pressed flowers and single battered photographs; of the sepia mysteries of age, time, memory, love, loss and death.