The tracks of One Planet At A Time (apart from one) are all named after fictional planets – an apt metaphor for Blue Ducks’ second outing on Records On Ribs. While the record remains a beautifully cohesive mixtape, each track is a distinctive world, filled with crisp chords, alien glitches, skillfully judged pace-changes, 8-bit chirps and soaring pitch bends that could be out of the Hemlock records playbook. Ready For Remulak rolls a Nintendo melody over reflective, almost sorrowful, chords. New Genesis brings attack while Indigo Prime floats gorgeous backmasked vocals over cool beats. In Falling Asleep In Fhloston Paradise woozy synths drift gorgeously over Dilla schooled drums. Set the gapless playback and let it roll – perfect.

Artwork by George Bletsis

Track List

  • 1. It Starts With Secilia (0.29)
  • 2. New Genesis (2.04)
  • 3. Ready For Remulak (3.03)
  • 4. High Season In Helliconia (2.20)
  • 5. 99 Problems But Bronson Alpha Ain’t One (2.25)
  • 6. Indigo Prime (4.01)
  • 7. Falling Asleep In Fhloston Paradise (3.35)
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