The companion piece to last year’s critically acclaimed Go Lucky, IDKWIAIDKWID is an excellent record its own right. Take the opener ‘You Were Right About Me’. Jell’s hasn’t written a better pop song: a propulsive, catchy electro number, nintendo beeps and surprisingly, Earth inspired slow guitar. See also Baby Animal’s dark but fond ballad or Still As A Rivers reflective ascending guitar figure. Will You Be Me Widow?, a story of trenches and doomed love, is backed by gracious 80s atmospherics. This would have been a tragedy left on the cutting room floor.

The remixes here are excellent, shading songs anew. Pebbles In A Flood highlights Sensations Spring’s ‘innocent like pebbles in a flood’ to evocative effect, the Topaz mix of The Battle Of Borodino brings clattering military drums warming the original’s deep melancholy.

For fans of The Knife, M83’s Saturdays=Youth, Junior Boys, The Chap, the decade begining in 1980.

Track List

  • 1. You Were Right About Me (4.42)
  • 2. Roots Alive (3.33)
  • 3. Baby Animal (3.46)
  • 4. Unfledged III (2.32)
  • 5. Still As A River (3.48)
  • 6. Pebbles In The Flood (3.21)
  • 7. Til The Morning (2.02)
  • 8. Tell Me A True Story Derrida (4.07)
  • 9. Will You Be My Widow? (4.15)
  • 10. I’ve Just Seen A Face (2.48)
  • 11. The Battle Of Borodino (Topaz Mix) (3.37)
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