Jell says: “TS Eliot’s poems have always seemed particularly musical and lyrical to me. Not just in a rhythmical sense, but also in the romance of drama of his imagery. His marriage of the existential questions of modern humanity with more quotidien, occassionally comic anxieties (Do I dare to eat a peach?) is what, in some ways, i have always tried to do with my music”

In true modernist style, Proof Rock takes snippets of TS Eliot’s poetry and places them in an strange context, making them appear afresh. Eliot’s words combine with half-step beats, futuristic lit-pop angles, trembling bass and the occasional breakneck heavy guitar to startling effect.

The first proper Talk Less, Say More release since Jell moved London, the city haunts the music in the same way Leeds lurked behind the sound of Go Lucky. Obviously the nod towards dubstep is part of this. But so also is TS Eliot himself, who was fascinated with London and the way it amplified the philosophical questions of our age.

Track List

  • 1. Still As A River (2.50)
  • 2. Golden Head, Black Wing (2.44)
  • 3. The Death of Air (3.16)
  • 4. Gathering Fuel In Vacant Lots (2.16)
  • 5. Who Is The Third? (3.32)
  • 6. This Is The Way The World Ends (2.50)
  • 7. Where The Grey Light Meets The Green Air (1.25)
  • 8. I Should Have Been A Pair Of Ragged Claws (2.59)
  • 9. Because I Do Not Hope To Turn (2.38)
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