Kettle Blacksmith

Featuring prize winning improvisational drummer Patrick Farmer and ex-frontman of the frightening unique Call It A Clunes Benjamin Houlihan, Kettle Blacksmith are quite literally like nothing you have heard before. Bursts of utterly eccentric humour, linguistic play, shouted satire and general weirdness for drums, manipulated tape recorders and voice.

Completely without parallel, this is a journey to a very strange place, like finding fragments of a Derek and Clive sketch reconstructed by an improv duo with an extremely well developed sense of the ridiculousness of simply saying particular words in particular English regional accents.

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Well, We Get These Rashes

Well, We Get These Rashes

Eccentric excursions into duets between improv drums and a shouting man. Quite odd, certainly surreal and often hilariously funny.