This album is certainly the oddest thing we have put out so far. Musically it features improvised jazz drums combined with shouted vocals. But the combination of these is difficult to put into words other than to say that it is hugely eccentric and in the best Pythonesque traditions of British comedy. This is an album best heard rather than described – surreal to the last while blessed with a sometimes magical sense of comic timing.

Track List

  • 1. I’m Trying (0.53)
  • 2. Ilford Island (0.17)
  • 3. Pumping Iron (0.28)
  • 4. You Can Dance To This. Look I’d Like To Be Free (0.53)
  • 5. Not Arf (1.06)
  • 6. Carling Black Label. Parking The Accordian. Do This. My Name Is Now. (2.25)
  • 7. Jim Jarmusch (0.40)
  • 8. Alf Cheese. Motorbikes. Skansa. Excellent. (2.50)
  • 9. Pilchard Pilchard. Urgh Urgh. Round Things. Triangles. Why Aye Man. I Like Your Bovril Mate. (2.39)
  • 10. Porridge Oats (0.31)
  • 11. Strech (0.08)
  • 12. The Sausage Song (0.54)
  • 13. Pudding (An Opera) (0.56)
  • 14. I’m Coming Back In A Minute, I Gotta Eat Something. I Like Your Bovril Mate (2nd Opera). Put Em Up. Obviously Sking For A Bit. (2.57)
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