Alight, Alight is Les Étoiles’ most beautifully unadorned album. With only sparse piano arrangements for accompaniment, these songs have a quiet intensity that brings to mind not only the solo work of Talk Talk’s Mark Hollis but also early Low at their most austere.

Alight, Alight is a collection of thoughtful reminiscences of time spent in Wales, London and Shropshire and, in the case of ‘Where We Will Live’, a dream of an idyllic life in rural Italy.

Featuring songs both old and new, with only the opening track ‘Empty Carriage’ having been heard before, Alight, Alight serves as a fitting retrospective of David’s songwriting to date. Even the title recalls that of his first album and suggests the closing of a circle, or the completion of a long journey home.

Track List

  • 1. Empty Carriage (Return Journey) (33.00)
  • 2. Sunset from the Ruins (16.00)
  • 3. Sunlight On Sandstone (55.00)
  • 4. She Was (17.00)
  • 5. Sleepless But Content (37.00)
  • 6. Where We Will Live (45.00)
  • 7. For Sally (8.00)
  • 8. Reminders (45.00)
  • 9. See the Clees (Waiting for Dusk) (45.00)
  • 10. Snowfall (37.00)
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