Never To Alight is a record of sparse, honest, intimate and beautiful songs.

It is a record of and for the liminal times: one of dawns, twilights and sunsets, almost glances and trickling epiphanies. It is a record of things half-remembered or half-forgotten; of fallen leaves and lost places, of ghosts and unopened attics, of joy, dread and longing. It is a record of old letters, pressed flowers and single battered photographs. It is a record of the mysteries of age, time, memory, love, loss and death: utterly transcendent even as it teeters on the edge of the abyss.


Track List

  • 1. Winter Mist (1.57)
  • 2. Idyllic (3.11)
  • 3. Between The Acts (3.28)
  • 4. Empty Carriage (2.34)
  • 5. By The Window (2.42)
  • 6. Discovered In A Photograph (2.46)
  • 7. Going North (2.00)
  • 8. The Return (3.25)
  • 9. Our Lost Domain (3.00)
  • 10. Far Too Hopeful (3.57)
  • 11. Those Phrases (2.00)
Creative Commons License

This release is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 Unported License. Essentially, this means you can give it to your friends if you like, as long as you aren't charging for it.