This is a record that works on a variety of levels. At first blush, it is a collection of fine indie pop songs, with the occasional acoustic interlude, songs that take the best twee tradition and run with it unapologetically. There are songs about animals having an olympics, about little plants and weird aspirations to be cars – birds tweet about.

Yet listen closer and their is something very odd going on – these are songs about the miseries and joys of life (and death) that assume a occasionally sugary disguise, catching you unawares.

There are real love songs here, real songs of dread, honest to goodness realism about disappointment and thoughts about relationships – but there is also a song about the sun having his hat on. But this sun is deeply unhappy. Then again, there is a bit about losing the little things like cigarettes and the big things like love.

What? Lots of fun and lots of depth? Yes, indeed and odd like a pile of jackals. But you’ll see, in the weird and magical happy/sad kingdom of We Show Up On Radar.

Track List

  • 1. My Little Metal Brain (0.19)
  • 2. Growing A Girl (3.13)
  • 3. An Animal Sports Day (5.29)
  • 4. The Sun Has Got His Hat On (2.35)
  • 5. Insignificance (2.13)
  • 6. The Little Things I’ve Lost (3.44)
  • 7. Good Morning My Friends. (1.26)
  • 8. Hold The Fort (2.11)
  • 9. Oh How I Wish To Be A Small Japanese Car (2.40)
  • 10. 3 Minutes 10 Seconds (3.28)
  • 11. Street Lights (Secret track) (1.52)
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