Posted by Dave on January 20, 2008 at 8:54 pm in News

‘Forever and ever endeavour, To be together, forever,and ever…together at the altar with a stake through my heart.’

All good things have to end. But that doesn’t make it any less sad that they do. And on Friday night, The Butterfly (a very good thing indeed) bid their farewell to the world in spectacular fashion. It was an occasion of much merriment- as their gigs always were- but tempered by an enormous sadness for myself, Alex and many others.

Still – we must not get too upset! We console ourselves in the hope that the multiverse theory is true and that in one of these other universes The Butterfly’s bombastic songs of Camus, Freud and the ancient Greeks are filling Wembley stadium. Joy is also to be found in the fact that a brand new The Butterfly EP will be out soon on this here label.

A Plea

We wouldn’t normally ask for donations, but such a calamity befell myself on Friday night that I throw myself upon the kindness of your hearts. For in our attempts to record The Butterfly’s farewell show, I had taken a quarter-inch jack to phono lead up to Leeds with me. I do not have a good history with these leads. For months at university my good friend and housemate Mr.Joel Wright did steal my lead in order that he might listen to music from his laptop via his stereo. My lead soon gave up under the strain of continuous yanking. A replacement was hastily bought, but was lost when I moved house. The replacement for that proved to be of ill-quality and soon packed up. This lead left in Leeds was of superior quality and had been mine for a mere 3 weeks. I’m sure you will sympathise when you understand that now I find myself in the position of having to by another lead, or face not being able to listen to my record collection. Any donations to my ‘new lead fund’ can be made via the donations page.

We thank you.



I’ll give you 1p…I thought this was a record label, not a charity


We’re now inviting donations for a sarcasm detector for Rich.

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