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We are proud to announce the imminent release of the self-titled record from Ga’an. With Seth Sher of the clattering no-wave outfit Coughs and the blackened ambience of Oakeater on the drums, Ga’an are a combination of swirls of antique progressive rock synths in the lineage of Popol Vuh, taut muscular beats, krautrock invocations and shamanic, glistening vocals.

As with all our releases, it will be available for free download, but will be released alongside the original tape version, limited to sixty copies. This tape has been selling like those proverbial hot cakes in Ga’an’s native Chicago, even though it was unavailable outside their shows and the occasional boutique record shop. It is, of course, hand made and very very weird, and containing unexpected trinkets and secrets of various kinds.

Pre-order will be up in a couple of days and it will be released on the 18th of March. We are also glad that prog historian Ed Knock, who blogs over at the The Crystal World, will be providing sleeve notes and the online version will feature brand new, never before seen artwork.

Servant Eye

I of Infinite Forms



Vice are keen!

(he’s right, his editor is an idiot)


Words become slippery when they seek to contain and explain such epic music; the tracks you have posted so far are two of the best renderings of 21st Century kosmische that I am likely to hear this side of 2012.
In the parallel universe next door, where an alternate Wener Herzog chooses to make a sequel to “Aguirre, The Wrath Of God”, Ga’an are the artists he selects to make the soundtrack, no other artist would come close.

The Popol Vuh comparisons are for once not simply the result of the mindless music blogger shorthand of self-referential delusion, its simply the fact that no other artist in the four decades since Florian Frike fused the moog and the mellotron together and let the songs of Metatron flow through have come closer than Ga’an to this sonic plane of immanence

It is perhaps fitting for a band that hails from Chicago that the words used by the city’s long time film critic Roger Ebert to describe the soundtrack of “Aguirre, The Wrath Of God” have a strange resonance with the Ga’an:

“The music sets the tone. It is haunting, ecclesiastical, human and yet something else”.

It is precisely that “something else”, the gnostic revelation that “we are in this world, but not of it”, Ga’ans music is the melancholy of the future casting its shadow back into the present and the soundtrack for our journey back to a distant star called home.

So looking forward to hearing the whole album on the 18th


wow, can’t wait for the alb to drop… i did a write-up a few months ago and posted the demo for dl after seeing them last summer…

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