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But it’ll get much louder soon!

We’ve got new albums from artists old and new – including our first international release – in the pipeline for early 2009. We hope to have the first of these out in mid-January, and further details will be posted shortly. This includes a new album from Les Étoiles, which we are all very excited about.

EL Heath Goes OfflineEric's Installation

Fear not! Cardeston’s favourite martenot pioneer remains a Records on Ribs Recording Artist, but he’s one of five young Shropshire artists whose work is being showcased as part of an exhibition at The Hive gallery in Shrewsbury. The exhibition is called Vintage and celebrates five years of youth arts service at this location. All artists have naturally participated in the centre’s work during its lifetime. Eric has contributed a series of photographs of gorgeous idylls and supplied wind-up radios re-wired to play extracts from his Dusk Dappled Fall EP. It’s open until the 23rd of December, so get down there quick!

Talk Less, Say More – Go Lucky Lyrics

Talk Less, Say More has been kind enough to put together a lyric sheet for his critically acclaimed album Go Lucky.

Records On Ribs Fresher Compilation

Our friends at The Mic and High Society were kind enough to ask us to produce sampler CDs for their new membership. Each CD contains a track from each of our released records, plus a couple of preview tracks of forthcoming releases.

In classic Records On Ribs style, with a total disregard for sensible logistics and thinking we would save money, we decided to print the 300 odd CDs we required by hand. Actually this is a lie – we originally intended to do 600-800, but we didn’t have time. It took all night, and involved much weeping and gnashing of teeth from one half of the team who lay on the floor hoping that the damned guillotine would work.

For your amusement here are some photos below the fold.

For the curious, here is the track listing.

  1. Talk Less, Say More – Vs 29 of Eugene Onegin *
  2. EL Heath – Cloud Sculptures
  3. Les Étoiles – Idyllic
  4. The Exploits of Elaine – Laputa *
  5. Talk Less, Say More and Coruschord – Sensurroundsound
  6. Strap the Button – Paperclipbeard The Pirate
  7. Gay Death Probe – Last One In Is A Yearbook Editor
  8. Sweet Potato – Hidden Variables *
  9. EL Heath – The Brook At The Bottom Of My Garden (Talk Less, Say More Reedit) *
  10. Elapse-O – Golden Ships
  11. The Butterfly – The Fate of the Entire Village Is In Your Hands *
  12. Gay Death Probe – Pancakes Or Waffles
  13. Strap The Button – Gusset Bastard Grip
  14. Talk Less, Say More – Sensations Spring
  15. EL Heath – Electric Storm
  16. We Show Up On RadaR – Hold The Fort

* previously unreleased.

Burn-athon ’08

Stealth Bomber

For some reason, our chosen brand of CD-Rs had a Stealth Bomber and a big explosion on them. Dave found this “very amusing”.


This is what 700 CD-Rs look like.

CD Burner

This is the trusty ROR CD Burner. Considering it burnt CD-Rs non-stop for 24 hours without error, we were quite pleased with it.


This is our trusty printer. Or not so trusty – capable of requiring resetting countless times during the printing process, causing much unneccesary rage.


It takes 1.14 seconds to burn every CD, thank goodness.


This is what they looked like after burning and artwork printing.


The factory in full flow.


Much of the burning process was powered by this mysterious red liquid.

Stacked In Box

Fully completed ones (a few on the left) and unpackaged ones (right) begin to stack up in the box.

Oh Dear

This is not what you want to see at 6 in the morning with hundreds still left to print. Scrambled around for a few hours trying to find the replacement cartridge – we didn’t have one, at least, until we found it, five days later.


Quite. Note at this point all the alcohol had been drunk and we moved onto strong coffee. Dave was heard to say “this is absolutely absurd”. It was.

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