Posted by Alex on August 14, 2009 at 6:03 pm in News, releases

Dominic Fox is the author of the frankly brilliant Cold World that is forthcoming from the marvelous Zero Books. Via Hopkins and Coleridge as well as Ulrike Meinhof, it is a work that considers the positive political aspects of sadness, seeing dejection as a force capable of unhooking someone from the world in order to think a better one.

In celebration of the book’s release we are pleased to be putting out a record by Spiral Jacobs, one of Dominic’s music projects, entitled Prolegomenon, which will serve, indeed, as a musical prolegomenon to the work. The following video gives a hint of what to expect when it arrives in late September: spiralling blackened ambience drifting through withered forests, investigating ‘unholy minimalism’, an attempt to use the techniques of minimalist composers like Arvo Pärt but with disharmony and in the spirit of Burzum and Xasthur. Fascinatingly bleak and utterly unlike anything we have put out before.

Don’t forget, ‘It’s About Time’ by Talk Less, Say More comes out tomorrow.

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