Posted by Alex on July 25, 2008 at 11:08 am in releases

Not content with bringing you the debut from the acclaimed Elapse-O we present to you a gorgeous new slice of electro-pop melancholia from Talk Less, Say More.

Talk Less, Say More – Go Lucky

We’re letting this loose on the 4th of August. It’s a fantastic record, that forgets the perfect offerings and acknowledges the cracks in everything and sets these insights in avant pop gems filled with snapping drums and clever production. About seven tracks in on first listen Dave exclaimed “bloody hell, this is brilliant”. It is.

We’ve got a Facebook event for the release date, if you are into such things.

1. The Battle of Borodino (3.33)
2. Up Close, Far Away (4.01)
3. Sensations Spring (3.05)
4. See You In The Morning (3.07)
5. A Song About a Dream About a Phonecall (2.19)
6. Roots Alive (3.27)
7. All Dressed Up Like Love (4.44)
8. Someone Else’s Summer (2.58)
9. Unfledged (1.12)
10. Pillowtalk (5.12)
11. Life in Cold Blood (4.16)

Total Running time: 37.54


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