Ga’an’s vinyl is now being published by Captcha Records.

“Ga’an is an Apache word which has almost no counterpart in English… Wouvoka, the Paiute shaman, tried to get his Ghost Dance religion started among the Apache. The chief Nana told him to ‘Never mind, we’ll all be ghosts soon enough.’

When somebody is dancing as a ga’an it’s a strange state. The idea is not so much to try and become what you are dancing, but to allow that entity, be it an animal, a force of nature, or a legendary figure to inhabit you. I don’t become a golden eagle when I dance as Itsa (golden eagle) Ga’an, I try to be open enough to let eagle come into me.”
Fire Escape In The Sky and Harp and Sword

Ga’an hail from Chicago and hold up a warped mirror to classic prog, refracting its weirder elements. Fans of Popol Vuh, Goblin and perhaps Dead Can Dance will experience a familiarity, but Ga’an’s take on their exploratative sounds is uncanny enough to disrupt any feelings of nostalgia, giving them an affective- if not aesthetic- similarity to the liminal synth drones of Emeralds, Infinity Window and Onehtrix Point Never. They’re the first non-UK band to be released on Records on Ribs and one we’re ecstatically excited about.

Ga’an have played with the likes of Faust, Om, Bardo Pond, Disappears and Lichens. Members also play in Coughs, Oakeater, Fielded and Panicsville.

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Hop aboard the mothership Ga’an and take a journey into the beyond! Six psychedelic trips of Zeuhl-ish gothic horror prog. Now avaliable on glorious vinyl from Captcha Records.