27 December 2012

2012 Into 2013 – Roundup and Blue Ducks – Heavy Air

Posted by Alex at 2:52 pm

This year has been a relatively quiet one at Records On Ribs towers. Yet we still managed to put out perhaps our most critically acclaimed release to date, Talk Less, Say More‘s England Without Rain.

But don’t take our word for it. England Without Rain was named by Fwonk* as Number 1 in the Top 10 Netaudio Releases Of 2012.

a netlabel release without parallel anywhere. In fact this is the best record of the year, period. It hasn’t been off my MP3 player since it was released.

This album doesn’t contain a duff track, a bum note or a single foot wrong. It’s perfect.

It redefines and reclaims pop music as a genre – begone you Simon Cowell generated karaoke-bots, begone you factory assembled hit machine girl bands! This is original, electro-pop music as a work of art, something that is lovingly created, rather than cynically, synthetically packaged.

This album absolute pings with imagination, creativity, wit and it’s impossible not to get excited by that.

Part of this is precisely what we have always tried to do with Records On Ribs: produce music using this distribution model that is better than music available elsewhere. So if you haven’t heard it yet, have a listen to England Without Rain through download right now.

In early January we’ll be putting out All The Empires Of World‘s latest. A record long awaited, it differs in mood (considerably bleaker) and mode (considerably harder, perhaps more experimental) than previous outings. Have a listen here:

On March 5th we’ll be putting out a record we are really very excited about, Heavy Air by Blue Ducks. Blue Ducks first full length recording, Heavy Air finds Justin leaping from behind the decks to take to the microphone for the first time, still combining it with his dreamy glitched production. Here is a little flavour from the record:

2013 marks the 5th year of us doing Records On Ribs. For old times sake, here is what the preview home page used to look like! We’ll be celebrating in style, but watch this space as to how!