4 August 2014

New Records From Surfacing And All The Empires Of The World

Posted by Alex at 1:24 pm

Here at Records On Ribs we are very excited to announce three upcoming records.

The first is the debut full length from Nottingham based Surfacing. Eponymously titled, this is an intriguing, experimental record melding together everything from black metal to folk to Hessle Audio style minimalist post-dubstep dance. It also features ROR co-founder David Bell on vocals and laptops.

Second up, avant-metal sorts All The Empires of The World are bringing out two records in quick succession very soon.

The first is Sunscraper – which is as euphoric and symphonic as it is sublime and ridiculous. Sunscraper goes where few albums would dare to tread; a masterpiece of doom metal that effortlessly plumbs earthly depths and scales celestial heights. It’s emotionally powerful too: by far and away the most vocal-centric Empires album yet, it expresses both desperation in the face of eternity and immense joy in love and human kindness. There are some lovely moments here that head towards folk.

The second is CVRSES Without doubt this is the heaviest All the Empires album yet, and that’s saying something. The bone crushing enormity of their earlier albums is retained, but there’s a newfound ferocity and desperation on display too. Its bleak, fast as hell and throughly magnificent.

We’ll have a sampler of both records ready for you very soon.