21 February 2008

Winter Soundtrack Released

Posted by Dave at 7:57 pm

We won’t detain you long, but today sees the release of EL Heath’s Winter Soundtrack- a truly truly remarkable album. Here’s what its maker has to say of it:

 “The album was made in my freezing cold studio on a shit old computer and a lot of red wine. It’s about how whenever I went outside the cut-off point of the day seemed to be 4pm, like I’d be in town then suddenly it was dark and I lost all my energy. I would have plans in the evening and not do anything because of this lack of energy. It’s also about how all the colours in the scenery are simply hidden by the quality of light we get in the winter. It’s not that it is not beautiful, but the colours are hidden by this quality of light and, well, generally the lack of such light.”

Listen or download for free from here.

15 February 2008

Keep Up To Date With Our Releases

Posted by Alex at 2:08 pm

RSSLike all good websites, we already have an RSS feed for our news, the very news you see on this page. But wouldn’t it be good if you could have the same concentrated just on releases, so every time we get a new record out you are made aware of it, and can grab it as soon as possible?

Fortunately Ribcage, the shadowy software that runs this site, allows for it. We have have an RSS feed for releases you can subscribe to and an individual RSS feed for every artist (for example, here is Talk Less, Say More‘s). The format is simple you can even work it out manually – http://recordsonribs.com/artists/your_artist/feed. Just copy and paste the link and add it in your favourite feed reader.

If you are using Firefox (57% of the users to this site) click the RSS icon in the address bar on any page of the site and select “Records On Ribs Releases RSS feed”, or navigate to any of our artist pages or release pages and select (in this case) “EL Heath Releases RSS feed”. Its pretty self explanatory, but if you need a hand, help is here. Never miss a release again!


This all Greek to you? Wikipedia is your friend.

13 February 2008

A New Band! (& other stuff about the old bands)

Posted by Dave at 9:49 pm

The tumult of our launch may be subsiding, but we continue to paddle madly below the surface like the proverbial swan. And this effort is not without its rewards- for we find ourselves in the position of being able to announce to you both new records and new signings, as well as some exciting news about old releases.

We will deal with the latter first.

New Signings

Elapse-OIt brings us enormous pleasure to inform you that Oxford’s quite remarkable Elapse-O will release their debut EP with us very shortly. They’re currently putting the finishing touches to it. We will have more details and a release date very shortly, but the impatient amongst you (and good on you- patience is no virtue) can head over to their myspace page, where they will be battered into submission by the offerings available there. Fans of Swans, Spacemen 3 and being punched so often it starts to feel good will find plenty to enjoy there. More eulogising as to their splendour can be found in this excellent drownedinsound article on southeast noise.

New Releases

Winter SoundtrackFor those whose thrills are of a more genteel nature we are proud to announce a new album length release from EL Heath, which will be released for free download on Thursday 21st Feb. Entitled ‘Winter Soundtrack’, it is exactly that – tunes recorded at Heath’s Shropshire home this winter with the aim of capturing the beauty arising from the marriage of countryside and winter. It’s as gorgeous as you’d expect from Heath – elements of folk weaving their way in and out of the lush ambience. A wintry companion to Virginia Astley’s ‘From Gardens Where We Feel Secure’, perhaps.

Exciting News About a Past Release

EL Heath has also garnered richly deserved praise for his ‘Dusk Dappled Fall’, which is compared to both a major televisual drama and ambient-drone legends Stars of the Lid in angryape’s review. Reviews will soon be incorporated into each album’s page on the ROR site.

In Other News

EL Heath’s mighty fine Reflecting EP is available as a joint release from the lovely folks at My Formica Table and Either/Or Records. Like ourselves, their music is free – and we can vouch for the quality of Reflecting. Its closing track- ‘epick’- must be heard to be believed, and even then skepticism will linger: how can a mortal being produce such wonder from a synthesizer or two and a loop pedal?

Brave New WalesRescuing us from an EL Heath news monopoly come Strap the Button, and the news that they’re on a 3CD compilation entitled Brave New Wales. It’s compiled by the superb Fourier Transform label, and they say this about it: “some of the best new music being made off the grid and under the radar by artists from and/or living in Wales. 4 hours of challenging music spread over 3 discs, with 32 page booklet, housed in a custom foil-embossed box. Limited edition of 1000.” Wow! You can pre-order copies from their website now. It looks absolutely stunning, we have to say.