23 August 2009

Mailing List

Posted by Alex at 6:43 pm

We’ve had a mailing list for a while, but no easy way of getting your e-mail on it.

You can now sign up to it via the form on the right hand side of this and any page. Expect monthlyish updates on what we are up to straight to your inbox. Grand.

20 August 2009


Posted by Alex at 4:24 pm

I Don’t Know Where I Am, I Don’t Know What I’m Doing

You wait a year for a new release by Talk Less, Say More and like the proverbial bus, two come along at once. I Don’t Know Where I Am, I Don’t Know What I’m Doing is out today, the companion piece to last year’s Go Lucky, but a great record in its own right, the finest in pop music.

As some might have already noticed, we have a presence at SoundCloud. You can submit demos and that sort of thing via our DropBox. It is very well designed website indeed. Here is a track from the above for your delight.

Talk Less, Say More – You Were Right About Me by Records On Ribs

15 August 2009

It’s About Now

Posted by Alex at 2:18 pm

‘It’s About Time’ is now out and you are able to download it. Please do. It’s a really clever record, filled with inventive beats and smart rhymes and is certainly more than worth some of your, ahem, time.

14 August 2009

Militant Dysphoria

Posted by Alex at 6:03 pm

Dominic Fox is the author of the frankly brilliant Cold World that is forthcoming from the marvelous Zero Books. Via Hopkins and Coleridge as well as Ulrike Meinhof, it is a work that considers the positive political aspects of sadness, seeing dejection as a force capable of unhooking someone from the world in order to think a better one.

In celebration of the book’s release we are pleased to be putting out a record by Spiral Jacobs, one of Dominic’s music projects, entitled Prolegomenon, which will serve, indeed, as a musical prolegomenon to the work. The following video gives a hint of what to expect when it arrives in late September: spiralling blackened ambience drifting through withered forests, investigating ‘unholy minimalism’, an attempt to use the techniques of minimalist composers like Arvo Pärt but with disharmony and in the spirit of Burzum and Xasthur. Fascinatingly bleak and utterly unlike anything we have put out before.

Don’t forget, ‘It’s About Time’ by Talk Less, Say More comes out tomorrow.

7 August 2009

Polly Put The Kettle On

Posted by Dave at 1:38 pm

Calling the Kettle Blacksmith

We’re delighted to announce that we’ll be putting out the debut album by Kettle Blacksmith before too long. 97/100 people will think it’s plain stupid, 2/100 will think it’s hilarious when they’re zoned out at 3 in the morning and 1/100 will think it’s the most incredible work of genius they’ve heard this year. A lot of the time we’re in that 97/100, sometimes we’re in the 2/100 and occasionally we’re in that 1/100. Suffice to say it’s a rather surreal/stupid trip. If you imagine Peter Cook was a tramp who recorded a record with Chris Corsano you’ll be along the right lines.

Not Records on Ribs, but almost as good

In All The Empty Houses

As well as the rather spiffing new single from We Show Up On RadaR, we highly recommend you part with your cash to purchase epic45’s beautiful new mini-album In All The Empty Houses. The title track will most certainly be accompanying me to Broadcasting House when Radio 4 rectify their overlooking of me for Desert Island Discs thus far, and RoR spotters will be pleased to note that EL Heath of this parish plays on the album. He’ll be buggering off round the UK and Europe as support for their tour in the autumn too (as well as playing in their live band).


If you’re after something a little more raucous then we recommend our good friends Lovvers’ debut album OCD GO GO GO GIRLS which comes out this Monday (the 10th) on Wichita. Catchy guitar punk like what they know how to make on the other side of the Atlantic, but with some definite UK influences too.

And finally, if you’re after something a little cheaper (freer, indeed!)- but just as good- we cannot recommend Scarr & Burd’s free-to-download release ‘Mantile 12’ enough. Johnny Scarr is a legend in the Nottingham underground music scene: a finely moustache’d purveyor of top quality gigs (under the ‘Mantile’ moniker). Quite frankly I’ve no idea who this Burd person is, but together with Johnny (s)he has produced one of my favourite releases of the year so far: two long tracks of ghostly industrial ambience far far better than anything Emeralds/Oneohtrix Point Never has put out (good though those bands are). It can be downloaded for free: a physical release will be available soon and we’ll be sure to keep you in the loop. An accompanying solo release from Mr.Scarr is also available for free, although I’m yet to get round to listening to it.

6 August 2009

Pink Vinyl Rules Okay

Posted by Alex at 11:03 am

We Show Up On RadaR

Indie pop geniuses wot-we-were-very-pleased-to-put-their-album-out We Show Up On RadaR have a delicious new record in the pipeline, put out by the excellent Hello Thor Records who are also home to the marvelous Fists. It’s a double A-side single on limited-edition perfect pink vinyl featuring two ditties, Mountain Top and A Spider On A Thread, and is out on the 17th of August. The former features a Speak & Spell, which always marks a work out for my attention and is a song which captures the difficulties of getting someone to fall in love (with you) brilliantly. It is highly lickable and can be pre-purchased via the Hello Thor website.

If you go down to Nottingham Central Library on the 15th of August you are sure for a big surprise, as We Show On RadaR will be cranking out their tunes among the stacks of books – wine and cake will also be in evidence. Could get cakey, worth a punt, RSVP on Facebook.

5 August 2009

To Leave A Mark Pre-Order And Party

Posted by Alex at 2:49 pm

We are proud to announce that you can now pre-order the physical version of the new album by Les Étoiles, To Leave A Mark. The packaging is wonderful and is well worth the mere £8 you will have to part with as it contains lyrics, photographs and three additional songs not on the download version.

The record will be released both as this version and in the usual download formats on the 18th of September. We are having an album launch party on that day at Jam Café in Nottingham starting at about 8 pm. Dave will be playing naturally, and will be supported by EL Heath. The two will likely engage in some kind of live collaboration, which could be very special indeed. It will be free entry and feature a display of the album artwork and we’ll get someone with taste to play some songs in between bands and a jolly time should be had by all. Let us know your coming at Last.fm and Facebook.