18 September 2009

The Stars come out tonight….

Posted by Tamsin at 11:57 am


To Leave A Mark, Les Étoiles’ homage to his home town of Brignorth, is released today, and will be launched in style at a party at Jam Cafe in Nottingham tonight. Come down from 8pm to watch Les Étoiles and El Heath perform, and listen to the ROR DJs spin some tunes whilst enjoying a delicious beer or two. If you can’t make it (and why not?), you’ll have to make do with downloading the album – it’s certainly one of my favourite records of the year so far.

8 September 2009


Posted by Dave at 8:29 pm

All The Empires of the World Announce New Album

We’re delighted to announce that AtEotW are continuing in the classic heavy metal tradition of announcing your retirement only to come back with new material. Thus spake main man Mark Thomas:

Finally! An album! We’ve decided to stop faffing around with EPs – they’re for squares: OFFICI. The provisional title is TITAN OF LIGHT

Yes. Exxxtreme slvdge kvlt epvic mvtvl. Provisional (again, because commitment is an unreliable frame of reference) track listing is as follows:

1. The Sands Of Saturn
2. Of The Father/Ghosts Of The Sargasso
3. [I Perceive Your Resonance]
4. ???? ?????
5. Titan Of Light
6. The Prophet I
7. The Prophet II: Soleil

If you’ve seen us live, you might have heard the first track – the rest are all BRAND FUCKIN NEW HOLMES. All tracks are, of course, 700 billion years long. Expect guest appearances from BARE MANS.

So now you know.

Meanwhile, the now inaccurately titled Last Rites continues to impress, making Sputnik Music’s recommended ‘Under the Radar’ releases of ’09 so far.

Leaving its Mark

Les Étoiles’ forthcoming album To Leave A Mark is more accurately titled though: a quite wonderful essay on its themes here (which we’re going to print as liner notes for physical copies) and a lovely review here. Both pieces really add worthwhile readings to this stunning album.

It is, of course, out on Friday the 18th September (as free download from here and a ltd.edition CD with photographs and lyric sheets from here and Norman Records), and we’re having a very special launch party at Jam Cafe in Nottingham to celebrate, with EL Heath and Les Étoiles playing live sets.

5 August 2009

To Leave A Mark Pre-Order And Party

Posted by Alex at 2:49 pm

We are proud to announce that you can now pre-order the physical version of the new album by Les Étoiles, To Leave A Mark. The packaging is wonderful and is well worth the mere £8 you will have to part with as it contains lyrics, photographs and three additional songs not on the download version.

The record will be released both as this version and in the usual download formats on the 18th of September. We are having an album launch party on that day at Jam Café in Nottingham starting at about 8 pm. Dave will be playing naturally, and will be supported by EL Heath. The two will likely engage in some kind of live collaboration, which could be very special indeed. It will be free entry and feature a display of the album artwork and we’ll get someone with taste to play some songs in between bands and a jolly time should be had by all. Let us know your coming at Last.fm and Facebook.