27 May 2009

I know what you look like, so don’t ever come near Stroud

Posted by Dave at 1:22 pm

Reviews have been added to the site. They can be found on the album info pages. Some of them are nice, some of them are not nice. Some of them have just re-written our press releases.

Free Records on Ribs back catalogue for the first person to explain significance of the headline.

15 May 2009

…Will Be Laid To Waste

Posted by Alex at 10:19 am

The new record Last Rites from All The Empires Of The World has been released (also as a torrent – mp3, flac and ogg files). Apologies for the slight delay on this one. It’s a really wonderful record, so please download it.

Just to note, you can follow us over at Twitter, or at the open source alternative Identi.ca. All the various happenings on this site are recorded there, so you’ll never miss an update.

9 May 2009

World, prepare thyself: All The Empires of the World Imminent!

Posted by Dave at 10:06 am

Pop-pickers rejoice! Another new record is announced. And a new act for us too! This’ll be out before you can say Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch.

Because we don’t really deal in proper release dates or owt we’re not sure quite when it’ll be out: but it won’t be more than a week or so.

All The Empires of the World- Last Rites EP
Prepare to be bludgeoned to delirium! Two tracks of ecstatic doom from Nottingham’s finest, which operate on that strange threshold between ambient music and Very Loud Metal Music. Yet where others of the genre deal in darkness and death, AtEotW blast you with light and ask you to wallow in glory. A top release.

8 May 2009

To Leave A Mark

Posted by Alex at 4:39 pm

We are pleased to announce the forthcoming release of the second album form Les Étoiles entitled To Leave A Mark.

To Leave A Mark

Like it’s predecesor, To Leave A Mark is an album of hesitation and sadness, memory and realisation, fear and acceptance, comfort and sorrow, all expressed with great beauty, simplicity and grace – an organ, a simple drum machine, a guitar, a hushed vocal, a moment of silence, a distant radio playing. To Leave A Mark was recorded by Les Étoiles during a period of stay in his home town and is a tribute to the places found there, many of which provided direct inspiration for the music.

The album will be available for free download and as an exclusive and gorgeously detailed limited edition boxed set. The boxed set will include the album itself as well a lyric sheets, photographs, maps, postcards and mysterious objects. Each boxed set will be individual and handmade by Les Étoiles himself. Pre-orders are now open.

This record will be the first release from Les Étoiles this year. The second as yet untitled record will feature unheard compositions by Les Étoiles finished in collaboration with Records On Ribs artists EL Heath and Talk Less, Say More as well as others. A project that is very exciting indeed.

Stand by for further updates and details of three forthcoming releases from Records On Ribs.