24 March 2011

Little Measurements

Posted by Alex at 7:26 pm

Records On Ribs are proud to announce the details of Little Measurements, the latest release from Les Étoiles. We think it is utterly wonderful – quite possibly the best thing he has ever done.

For the first time in the history of ROR, the release features collaboration between Les Étoiles and EL Heath and Talk Less, Say More. With Tim Wright of Neume Audio once again at the helm, the production is subtle but incredible.

Like all our music, it will be available for free download (as MP3, Flac and Lossless) both from our site and on torrents. It will also be a reasonably priced CD with full colour gloss artwork.

Little Measurements will be released on the 5th of April 2011. If you’d like to review it in advance, then drop us a line.

Here are a couple of tracks for you, to be frank they blew me away. First, the opening track, A Year. Beautiful ondes martenot by EL Heath.

Your Answer is next. Beautifully sad – we are so happy to be putting this out there. Clarinet by Tim Wright.