17 January 2008

Thanks and Statistics

Posted by Alex at 2:20 pm

Records On Ribs is a place where downloads happenAs I write this post we have had 1,682 odd hits since our launch, 134 records in total have been downloaded. Hits have come from as far afield as China, Russia and Canada. So, we’d like to thank everyone who has visited, downloaded, listened and hopefully loved our music in the last three days.

If you like the music we are giving away and what we are trying to do here, and have a spare moment over the weekend, why not write an (MP3?) blog, send a Myspace bulletin, post a Facebook link or make a post on a message board about us and the music we provide?

Some of you have already done so already, and we thank you a great deal for it.

The more people that know, the much merrier. Let’s harness this Web 2.0 madness to get free music and new ideas to people! Let’s try and see if we pull together that we can’t get those release downloads up to nearer 300 by this time next week!

Its not all about the launch though. No sir. We have much, much more in the pipeline. Details of new releases from those already on our roster and of releases from new additions to that roster will be announced in the next couple of weeks.

I’ll also be writing a series of posts on how precisely we did this, mainly from a technical angle, but featuring general tips and tricks along the way. We’ll also be rolling out a few new features on the site, including hopefully a Podcast push of our releases that ensures you will never miss one in future, Twitter and Pownce integration and maybe a Facebook application if I really roll up my sleeves. Jell and Dave will be posting too. So keep checking the site, and keep listening!

Thanks again!

(Photography by dweekly)