3 January 2009

A Plea for Peeled Eyes & Generous Hearts

Posted by Dave at 1:59 pm

Hello there,

Our good friends Souvaris have had rather a lot of expensive gear nicked from their practice space in Nottingham.

Please keep an eye out, and maybe buy an album or two of theirs to help in some tiny, tiny, tiny way. They’re a mighty fine band- sprightly post-rock that’s full of joie de vivre and feeling. Fans of Tarentel, Neu! and Mogwai should most certainly investigate. We’ve listened to a lot of post-rock here at RoR HQ and most of it’s shit, but this most certainly is not and we unreservedly recommend it.

Here’s their missive…


Hello there,

Souvaris’ practice space was broken in to last night or the night before, and we lost some of our most precious (and expensive) gear.
Missing are the following:

* 1 x 1978 Fender Musicmaster

Natural wood finish with a black scratchplate. In a soft case bag. Serial number to follow. Looks a lot like picture 1.

* 1 x Korg Triton LE Keyboard

Looks like Photo 2, although very “well-travelled”. Couple of the knobs missing, a big fat scratch above the pitch bend, a cigarette burn over on the right hand side.

* 1 x Clavia Nord Lead

As per photo 3. Doesn’t even work properly unless you know how to coax it, and thus of almost no value to anyone but me.

Also stolen was a crappy Behringer 4 track mixer, 2 x guitar pedals (a boss overdrive and some ancient delay pedal made by god knows who) and a Gator keyboard case worth about £80 in its own right.

If you hear anything about any of this stuff, please let me know. Anything at all… we desperately need to get this stuff back. I’ve had my entire set up stolen, and have no idea how I would even begin to afford to replace it.

You can get me at ichbinsimmo at gmail dot com, or on 07807 221082. Please pass info about the stolen stuff on to anyone you can think of (especially musicians in and around the Nottingham area), and feel free to repost this on message boards, etc.

Thanks – we’re really upset about this, and would do anything to get this gear back.