28 August 2010

Blue Ducks Live Videos

Posted by Alex at 8:22 pm

Blue Ducks had the wonderful chance to support Fog and Crook and Flail, who feature the ever capable DoseOne from Anticon records and Andy Broder from Fog. They just sound tracked Alan Moore’s new audiobook Unearthing alongside Mike Patton no less. Someone was on hand to record the following live videos which I hope you’ll all enjoy.

The first is a joint from his as yet untitled forthcoming banger. This one is called I Never Really Learned to Ice Skate.

The next seems to be the next in the set and is a mash-up of Blue Duck’s dreamy Farewell to Floss and Floss is Full of Surprises from his record Six.

As an additional treat here is a couple of Blue Ducks remixes. Ducks turns his hand to a remix classic – Jay-Z’s 99 Problems. A remarkably soothing take on the song.

An a rather marvelous remix of Cool Kids’ brilliant oh eight hit What Up Man.

10 December 2009

Blessings Out, Blue Ducks Arrived

Posted by Alex at 4:25 pm

The marvellous grandeur of Blessings by All The Empires of The World is now out. Enjoy! Another wonderful record, entirely for free.

We are also pleased to announce another addition to our roster – Blue Ducks. Blue Ducks is the project of one Justin Colley, ex-of our marvelous gabba-pop artists Gay Death Probe who are now on “permanent hiatus”. Blue Ducks make electronic hip-hop with inflections of aqua-crunk and wonky, “music for people too cool to dance”, well within the lines of the post-Dilla, Stones Throw Records swagger. The EP ‘Six’ will be with us shortly.

Here is a the opening track for your delight – Floss Suffers From Gamma Radiation.

And heck, for contrast, here is the quite special closer…Farewell To Floss.